Access Card Blocker™ Introduction

(Trade Marked Proprietary App)

Access Card Blocker™(ACB) is a hardware to block the defaulter from entering/exiting a premises. It work closely with any Access Card Controller or accounting system available in the market now.

Access Card Blocker™ works with any access card controller or accounting software. This system will be constantly checking the defaulter list from accounting software and block the access card immediately. And once the payment made over the counter or by using the mobile apps any time even during non-working hours, the access card will be automatically unblock.


Access Card Blocker™ Features

(Trade Marked Proprietary App)
Tailor made solutions for Property Management through years of R&D and Property Management experience.

Easy to use

The system works autonomously, to block and unblock the access card.



Access card blocker works with any Controller and accounting software available in the market now.

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LED Display

Access card blocker comes with LED display panel to show the access card is blocked when the card is scanned.



Access Card Blocker required less maintenance support, as the hardware is just plug and play.