Building Management System
A complete Management tool for Stratified Buildings

Building Management System and it's Modules

Visualizing All Data, At A Glance The Building Management System (BMS) is a software-based control system to monitor and manage the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical services along with building management processes in a facility.

Such services can include ventilation, air-conditioning, physical access control, elevators and lights.


Asset Management
Manage your Property Asset

JMB/MC’s assets are the centerpiece of your organization, there should not be a room for downtime, or poor maintenance. Asset management is related to managing investments throughout its entire lifecycle, in the most cost-effective manner

With Building Management System (BMS) – Asset Management module able to keep record of Serviceable Asset and Non-Serviceable Asset. Asset Service Schedule enable users enter the pre-schedule dates for servicing and manage the servicing and Asset Service entry after the service is done.

Annual Renewals
You will never forget to renew

Annual renewal module keep tract of all renewals and generate automated email reminder to users.

Able to attached contracts, agreements, certificates and so forth for easy retrieval when ever required any time, anywhere.

Property Units
Need to know your residents

Property Unit module allows user to keep the record of Owners / Tenants and maintain old owners and Tenants after new owner or tenant’s record is updated.

Defect Management
Defect Module for defect liability period (DLP)

Manage your Property’s defect using Property Butler’s Defect module.

We create a bridge between the owners, developer and Management office to manage all the reported defects efficiently with no manual forms or paper.

Minor Task / Complaint
Complaints and Minor Task made easy for users to manage

With Property Butler’s Minor task module users could create their complaints or Internal staff or MO Superiors could create Minor task for their staffs to carry out certain task.

All created task will be notified to complainant via email and once the task closed, another email will notify the complainant on the task is completed.

Easy monitor of all unclosed task in Dashboard and task overdue days indicates task haven’t close yet. Task chat forum allow the user to communicate between complainant, MO staff and even the Management office HQ.

Routine Task
No more manual excel updates or manual check list.

Routine Task module is a very powerful tool in Property Butler’s Building Management System where all the staffs routine task can be programmed in the system and staff just need to carry out their job accordingly. So easy and efficient way to manage all staff’s routines work.

Property Documents
You will not miss any documents

Property Document Module allow user to scan and upload all documents and easy retrieval any time and for anywhere.

Common problems at all other properties are misplaced of documents and files missing, now with this system all your document are archived and stored on cloud.

Go green with e-mail Blasting

With e-Notice module user could send bulk messages to residents via email messaging.

These module has a feature to send to all residents or only to a certain block/Street, or to a certain unit(s) only. And able to get the email is sent or bounced back.

Manage Monthly meetings efficiently

Most of the time monthly meetings conducted without proper planning and always forget items to be discussed.

With these Meeting module, user could prepare agendas to be discussed for the upcoming meeting, not only that system will also display all unsolved task with status to be discussed in meeting.

Meeting minutes could update in these modules and able to print or send the MOM via email to all members.

Record all incident electronically, no need of notebook

Record all incident electronically, and easy to trace back any time anywhere better management with image attached for recording purpose.

Daily Report
Hassle free to generate report

Daily Report is for Property Management Company to review daily operations.

Monthly Report
Wow...monthly management report

Generate monthly management report within minutes. No more struggle for the staff to take a long time to prepare monthly management report, all these done instantly.

Choose what you need to add in the monthly report and prepare the report

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Control for Operations

Property Asset, Asset Service Schedule, Asset Service Entry, Annual Renewals, Facility Bookings, Units Step, and Many more...

Management Feature

Manage Property Documents, Residence Notice Board, JMB/MC, Staff Attendance, E-Noticing lasting, AGM/EGM, Monthly Meetings, and Many More

Access Control Feature

Manage Visitors, Access Card Blocker, Access Card Dropbox, RFID integration, Automation with IoT, and Many More...


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