Access Card Blocker
Automate your access card blocking now

Access Card Blocker and it's Features

Access Card Blocker (ACB) is a hardware to block the access from entering / exit a premises. It works closely with any Access Card Controller or accounting system available in the market now.

Access card blocker works with any access card controller or accounting software available in the market now automatically or semi-automatically. This system will be constantly checking the defaulter list from accounting software and block the access card immediately.

And once the payment made over the counter or by using the mobile apps, in-apps-payment any time even during non-working hours the access card will be automatically unblock.


Easy to use

The system works autonomously, to block and unblock the access card.

LED Display

Access card blocker comes with LED display panel to show the access card is blocked or warning when the card is scanned.


Access card blocker works with any Controller and accounting software available in the market now automatically or semi-automatically.


Access Card Blocker required less maintenance support, as the hardware is just plug and play. Easy one to one swap if the hardware malfunction.

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Access Card Blocker

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Low Collection Rate

Constantly bothered by low collection rate of service charges and bills? Access Card Blocker is best to remind owners for the payments.

High manpower cost

High manpower cost in sending reminders, manual way (human intervention). With Access Card Blocker send reminders automatically, save human intervention and save paper

Access Control Feature

Forget to block access or unblock access after payment done? With Access Card Blocker, it can be performed automatically.


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