Annual General Meeting
Conduct your AGM/EGM through Hybrid, Physical, Virtual Mode with us

Annual General Meeting and it's Features

AGM With e-Voting application is a hassle-free experience and there is no room for disputes or controversies when passing votes as residents can pass their votes confidentially and comfortably as all their votes will be recorded.



GM Master is so easy to use, unlike the conventional way of voting in any AGM/EGM. It is stress-free experience for everyone and everyone can vote at their comfort. All you need is a smartphone with data!


Automatic counting of votes by show of hands or by poll with just a click. No more time-consuming processes in counting votes!


Tamper-proof data collection, end-to-end encryption and fully auditable logs aimed at safeguarding votes at every step.


GM Master is totally secured by generating a random and unique User ID, password for every registered eligible voters to gain access to the voting platform and a unique One- time-Pin (OTP) before any vote is officially cast. You can now make your decision in General Meetings with the strictest confidentiality.


GM Master automatically generates reports for auditing purposes.

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for Annual General Meeting

All this will be done by our team. MO only required to give us Owner list, Eligible info and Proxy info. The rest leave it to us to do. And we will be there on the General Meeting day to assist you as a system facilitator
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Before Annual General Meeting

General Meeting Setup, Agenda Preparation, Eligible Voters & Proxy Preparation, Generate e-Voting login and send to Eligible owners via Email and Whatsapp

During Annual General Meeting

Attendance Capture on General Meeting day, e-Voting on General Meeting Day By show of hand or By Poll Calculation, Taking care of all meeting going smoothly.

After Annual General Meeting

Post General Meeting Reports, Creating and Sending Minutes of Meetings to MO, Sending Recordings of meeting to MO, Report on e-Voting


Proudly Presented AGM with e-Voting apps to
KPKT Officials - Jan 2020 and COB Pasir Gudang - May 2021

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